It's snowing right now. It's a cold, bitter, windy snow - a reminder that despite a string of 50 degree days that up here in the Rockies it's still winter. The last frost isn't for another TWO MONTHS.

It reminds me of both the trajectory of this pandemic and a just world. More and more of my friends and family are vaccinated. The hard work of election turnout steered us towards love and liberation. That feels so good.

But we're not in the clear. We're in a transition time. Planning really. Preparing for what we will soon be able to do.

We ordered seeds for our garden last week and then received a box of starters from suzi's uncle's family!

And we're now on waiting lists to get vaccinated. We also took the leap and reserved a campsite at Yellowstone for this summer. We'll finally get to see the grandparents and take a proper vacation.

And over at the Democratic Socialists of America we have a plan for the next phase of political life. Passing the Protecting the Right to Organize Act. If the Green New Deal is what we hope to one day harvest, then the PRO Act is the soil and the tools we're preparing.

The original New Deal came about because people bound together in their workplaces and communities - going on strike, holding rallies, talking with their neighbors, and fighting back against the industry tycoons. To pass the Green New Deal, the same will be required.

The PRO Act removes key barriers that have weakened the labor movement.

This is also critical relationship building. There is still distrust and distance between many in the labor movement and climate justice movement. The jobs vs. environment dichotomy has to be transcended. The Green New Deal offers a way forward that addresses both the lack of good, well-paying jobs and the climate crisis.

The bill passed the House. President Biden gave it a powerful endorsement. Most Democrat Senators, including both Colorado senators, have endorsed it. The work now is to convince the handful of establishment Dems to join. From there it's ending (or at least reforming) the filibuster so it can pass the obstruction of the Republican party.

It's a cold bitter fight now, but with proper preparation and determination it is possible to bring forth a new life we're all so desperately craving right now.

Spring Feels So Close (and yet not)... Preparing for Gardens, In-Person Gatherings and a Green New Deal